Chaplain Jerusha Moses

The Rev. Dr. Jerusha Moses transferred from Greensville Cluster S1 to Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women effective January 1, 2019.  God has brought her through a long journey to end up here and we are delighted to have her join our GraceInside family.

Chaplain Moses grew up in India where she studied Zoology. Her maternal grandparents who raised her had careers at the reformatory in India where they served in careers as officers in the juvenile system. As an adult, she moved to Canada for two years while studying in a Masters in Counseling program. She then moved to Richmond and completed her M.Div at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, her Th.M at Union Presbyterian Seminary and finally her D.Min at BTSR. Her dissertation project was on multiple intelligence and grief graduating in 2018.

Chaplain Moses has long felt called to broken places and is excited to begin her professional career tending those in need. She shares, “I just love working in broken places, in broken systems and in broken lives. The power of resurrection is clearer. It just excites me. I love stained glass and the beauty brokenness brings to life and the big picture.” Clearly a poet, she does see beauty in the midst of suffering.

Friends and classmates with former and current GraceInside chaplains, while this is her first experience inside a prison, she has long heard stories that stirred her heart.  Chaplain Moses says, “I was raised with stories on criminal psychology and transformation from the reformatory schools.  I am so primed for this. I think it is the loss I have experienced…. I lost my dad at 19 and my brother at 24 and I almost lost my daughter to childhood cancer, so my heart is pulled to that.”  She also credits her educational training as well. “I did a class on Restorative Justice at BTSR – which was huge for me. The idea of restoration in broken places is what speaks to me most.”

The scripture that calls to her is from Psalm 23.  It’s the verse, “He restores my soul – that idea of restoration speaks to my soul.”

Chaplain Moses has her daughter Meesha who is the light of her heart and life. Her faith and her daughter – and the restoration in her world make her such a gift to GraceInside.