Chaplain Lorrie Wajciechowski

Chaplain Lorrie Wajciechowski now serves Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women where she is learning the vast need for God found inside Virginia’s prisons.         434-984-3700

Chaplain Lorrie Wajciechowski (pronounced like “Watch Your House Key”) is newly assigned to Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women having transferred from Buckingham Correctional Center.  A Richmond native, born and bred, Chaplain Wajciechowski really came to ministry through her calling in her late 30s.  A 2009 graduate of Liberty with her BS in Religion and, with her MDiv from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in 2014, she is currently pursuing her DMin there as well with a focus in expository preaching and teaching.  She and her husband form a valuable ministry partnership where their focus has been grief and bereavement.

Chaplain Wajciechowski and her husband own Heaven’s Coach Service which offers care and transportation service for deceased loved ones. They came by this business when they realized the extreme need of the newly bereaved and wanted to offer chaplaincy and care at such a time. Because of the great need for spiritual care and comfort in the funeral industry, they developed “Chaplains Services” to try and fill that gap.

New to prison ministry, “What strikes me the most is their true willingness and need to reach out and find God.  What I have seen the most is that they NEED God, they need to fill that hole.  You, know there is that emptiness they have inside – that they are trying to fill with other things, but then they get to the lowest point in their lives, hit their knees and they reach out.  That is what we do – we connect them to God. They are disconnected to society, but we can connect them.  That is what chaplaincy is all about – is helping them find God.”

“I think what I do is pretty simple to begin with.  A chaplain is a preacher and  I am there to help people talk to God and to translate God’s word if they don’t understand it… to explain it to them if they need help. I think that people are lost and wandering in this world.  We are this light.  People are attracted to us… our passion, like moths to light,… draws people to us, not to me, but to the light.  I am just out there getting the word out… “Go forth and make disciples.”   I want people to come see what I’ve got – nothing about me, but the light God gives me.”

Always busy with some form of chaplaincy, she also does expository Bible study, suicide prevention, substance/abuse recovery counseling, marriage counseling, weddings, funerals, feeding the homeless…Chaplain Wajciechowski and her husband, John, do it all. John is also finishing up his MDiv and is beginning to serve as a GraceInside prison volunteer!

We are delighted to have both on our GraceInside team!