Be A Star: Donate and Light the way to Jesus!

Christ is the center of our Christmas—the center of our lives and the center of our organization. Jesus himself instructed followers to visit those in prison and we seek to do this on behalf of those who believe that redemption, transformation and reconciliation are indeed possible through Jesus Christ.

Won’t you join Jesus on his mission this Christmas?  Far too many of our citizens are incarcerated, away from family, away from church pageants and advent candles. Far too many more are hurting because a loved one is in prison. GraceInside’s chaplains ensure that worship opportunities exist—but more importantly, that opportunities to transform hearts and lives exist. We know that those impacted by GraceInside are less likely to re-offend—and more likely to be successful citizens and Christians on the outside.

You can help by making a donation to the work of GraceInside.  Donations can be made online or by check made out to GraceInside and sent to:


2828 Emerywood Parkway

Richmond, VA 23294

You can even choose to designate your gift to a particular prison chaplaincy by noting the name of the institution (not the chaplain) on the memo line.

This Christmas, someone is wandering in the darkness, not sure which way to go. With your help, we can change their lives forever!  Make a commitment today to help them find their way home.


GraceInside December 1, 2016