GraceInside A Little Cup


How much grace fits into a tiny communion cup?


Enough to remind us that the cup of forgiveness is poured out for us.  Enough to remind us that Jesus shed his blood for us.  Enough to help us hold on to hope in the shadow of the crucifixion.

Communion is celebrated within the prison system as well.  But, there is no church budget to ensure the elements are purchased and prepared.  Many of our facilities use a pre-prepared cup and wafer combination.  If you, your church or business would like to donate to support communion within our prisons, we’d love to hear from you. Our chaplains can receive financial donations and order them – or receive the communion elements directly from a vendor.  Give us a shout at

You can help bring GraceInside… in the form of a tiny little cup which is exactly enough.


GraceInside February 17, 2016