GraceInside’s FIRST Volunteer of the Week – Bruce Smith!


Introducing (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) our very first GraceInside Volunteer of the Week, the highly exceptional Bruce Smith!!!! (Cue crowd roaring – if you knew Bruce, you’d celebrate, too!)

Bruce Smith has been a volunteer at River North Correctional Center in FAR Southwest Virginia – Independence – since February of 2014. By all reports, religious programming at RNCC just could not take place without the amazing administrative talents he lends generously to the facility to assist Chaplain Randy McDaniel.

Why does Bruce Smith volunteer? We’ll let him tell you!

“Would you want God to be nagging you as to why are you hiding in that cave and not out in the world? And it has been a joy being associated with the offenders at River North and watching their growth in understanding their faith. It is also a church not founded on doctrinal propositions, moral absolutes, or social organization. It is a church who tries to be a community of practice, of living our faith more in right worship not just in church but in the cell with our neighbor.

I serve because I do not want our fund raising activities to be used to hire a chaplain to do administrative work for the state of Virginia or for that matter GraceInside. I want the chaplain ministering to the offenders and the staff the Good News of Jesus Christ with what little time the chaplain has to do such. The citizens of Virginia should be outraged that the commonwealth does not fund an administrative person to do such work.

I also enjoy sharing my religious traditions with the offenders as other volunteers share their differing traditions. We are a community and clearly show that God speaks to us with many varieties of voice.”

Thank you for being an everyday hero and our GraceInside Volunteer of the Week! What a great way to start off a new year! Thank you Bruce Smith! May God richly bless you and your efforts to transform hearts and build a better world from the inside-out!


GraceInside January 1, 2017