Immediate Job Opening: Chaplain at Greensville Correctional Center S1 Cluster

GraceInside has an immediate opening for a part-time chaplain at Greensville Correctional Center. The chaplain will manage duties associated with all religious programs, services and religious volunteers (conduct worship, facilitate Bible Studies, pastoral care, etc). Currently funded for 20 hours a week with opportunity for growth, the ideal candidate:

(1) has an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university;

(2) has a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or equivalent degree from an accredited seminary;

(3) is ordained and in good standing with their denomination or church;

(4) where applicable, is endorsed as a chaplain by their denomination’s endorsing body;

(5) has CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) units (preferred);

(6) has church ministry and or work/ministry experience in a jail/prison setting (preferred);

(7) must be willing to promote the ministry of GraceInside to nearby churches, ministries and civic groups.

Interested candidates should request an application from Lee Hargrave at his email – or by phone at 804 358-7650.  Applications, once received, should be submitted with a cover letter and resume to that same email by January 15th.

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