Baptisms Behind Bars by Rev. Lynn Litchfield

Often we are asked how does a baptismal service take place behind prison bars. We have no river or swimming pool (contrary to popular lore) and security is tight. I can’t speak to every prison because each one will have its own peculiarities but I can share with you some of my story. When I served as Chaplain at Fluvanna … Read more »

Announcing Regional Chaplain Supervisors

GraceInside is delighted to announce the promotion of three skilled, experienced chaplains to serve as Supervising Chaplains. As GraceInside continues to grow to meet the demanding and expanding need of those in prison, we’ve restructured the previous single Supervising Chaplain into three separate part-time positions divided by region. We celebrate our chaplains who have agreed to serve in this additional … Read more »

What if it’s Your Church? by GraceInside and Kairos volunteer, Lee Davis

Following is a portion of a letter recently received from an old friend in prison. He has some reason to believe that finally he may have a chance of getting out: “As you might imagine, after more than twenty-five years of not knowing when the gate would open for me, I anxiously await an official word. The other morning in … Read more »

Immediate Opening at Greensville (S1 Cluster) Regional Correctional Center

GraceInside has an immediate opening for a half-time chaplain at Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt. Qualified candidates (1) must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university; (2) must have a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or equivalent degree from an accredited seminary; (3) must be ordained by and in good standing with their denomination or church; (4) where … Read more »

End of Year Deadline

Please, if you haven’t given yet – or were considering another end of year gift, please give your gift and invest in the lives of those who need Jesus today. Lives WILL change. Read more »

Christmas and Who Got the Blessing?

by Lee Davis, Kairos Volunteer and GraceInside family! In April 2011, I sat beside Michael for the KAIROS four-day weekend in Sussex II State Prison. I don’t know how long he had been in and I had no idea how much longer his sentence was. I did know right off the bat he was an imposing figure of a man … Read more »

Christmas Impact Update is Here!

How do you impact children through GraceInside? Find out here! Tevin tells his story of how he stole Christmas. We hear a quick word from Kate – and we find out what YOU are doing this Christmas behind bars. Please take a peek at our Christmas Impact Update and find out what Jesus is doing in prison!   Read more »

What can you buy while incarcerated – and who decides?

Excerpts from an article by Chaplain Bernie Morris: Have you ever wondered where you would get the items you needed if you found yourself unable to go out to a variety of stores? For offenders in the Virginia Department of Corrections (VaDoc) this is the issue they face.  Who decides what they can buy?  Where do they get electronics; certain … Read more »

The FULL Story of Hope – by Lynn

You all have blessed me with the chance to share Hope with so many of your congregations and ministries. I have delighted in her story as an educational tool and as a resource for teaching. I have done many versions of Hope – from her 5 minute inception at Eagle Eyrie Women’s Get Away to the full story that you … Read more »