Gratitude from the Heart of a Chaplain: “Corrections: A Noble Profession”

As Chaplain Ritter closes his chapter at Augusta Correctional Center and begins his transition to Keen Mountain, he offered these thoughts to his colleagues. Corrections: a Noble Profession As I come to the end of six years as Chaplain at Augusta Correctional Center, I conclude that corrections is a noble, and often thankless profession. Friends and family members wonder, “Why … Read more »

Changes, changes and more changes!

Sometimes change is good. Sometimes those changes hurt our hearts. This time it is a combination of both! We celebrate the retirement from our Board of Rev. Dr. David Tabor of the Holston Conference as he is now being reassigned to parish life!  Thank you for your many years of service and we wish you every blessing moving forward. Rob … Read more »

RB Anderson, Beloved and Mourned

Robert Bradford “RB” Anderson, Jr. passed into the arms of Jesus on April 24, 2017, after a brief illness. We at GraceInside celebrate with him and grieve for those of us left behind to mourn our loss. Certain RB is hearing, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” we await our reunion with anticipation. Until then, we hope. You can … Read more »

First Hand Insight to a Kairos Closing

GraceInside’s chaplains are the hosts to all religious events that take place inside the walls. Without chaplains, religious volunteers could not come in. Valuable, transformative volunteer programs like Kairos would be unable to do their ordained work. Lives would remain unchanged and untouched – tragic for the inmate, family, community and Kingdom of God. You can read one testimony from … Read more »

Give a Man New Life – FBRE Expansion!

For Easter this year, you can give a man NEW LIFE!  GraceInside needs your help to expand our 100% successful Faith Based Re-Entry Program!  This program has over 200 graduates in the past five years who’ve benefited… whose families have benefited… God’s Kingdom has benefited… They’ve gotten out and stayed out! With a ZERO percent recidivism rate, we want to … Read more »

Hope in 5 minutes

If you have (or haven’t) seen Hope, we’d like to make this clip available for you to use in your church or class!  In just five minutes, you can hear a deeply moving story and how GraceInside seeks to meet the needs presented. Please, share Hope today – for the purpose of keeping GraceInside! Hope Video Read more »

Job Opening: Chaplain needed at Keen Mountain Correctional Center

Prison Chaplain Position at Keen Mountain Correctional Center GraceInside seeks a part-time Prison Chaplain for Keen Mountain Correctional Center in the town of Oakwood in Buchanan County.  The chaplain serves as a Christian pastor and as the coordinator for religious services and programs for inmates of all faiths for all men incarcerated at this level 2 security facility with under 900 men, … Read more »

GraceInside’s FIRST Volunteer of the Week – Bruce Smith!

Introducing (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) our very first GraceInside Volunteer of the Week, the highly exceptional Bruce Smith!!!! (Cue crowd roaring – if you knew Bruce, you’d celebrate, too!) Bruce Smith has been a volunteer at River North Correctional Center in FAR Southwest Virginia – Independence – since February of 2014. By all reports, religious programming at RNCC just could not … Read more »

New for 2017: The GraceInside Volunteer of the Week!

Our GraceInside family wants to highlight some of the phenomenal people whose tremendous ministry is hidden away behind bars known only to those people who are often also hidden away.  To spotlight their work, their service and their ginormous hearts, we will celebrate what God is doing through a particular extraordinary human being each week. And yet, you’ll see that … Read more »

The Light of A Star by Lynn Litchfield

On my travels as “Hope,” I rely heavily on my GPS systems—in the car, on my phone and on the Garmin. Even so, geographically challenged folks, like me, can get quite lost. Once, I was far from home and the GPS system lost its signal. My phone had no reception and even my back up Garmin had lost the satellite. … Read more »