A Peek Into Heaven

Every once in a while, a rare moment happens when I believe I’m getting a preview of Heaven itself.  Today, this morning, was such a moment. Graduates of Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women gathered for a weekend of handbells at Broadus Memorial Baptist Church in Charlottesville. These women played in Metanoia, the advanced handbell choir at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women, … Read more »

Bonanza was an Extravaganza!

Here is a report by the host of the Prison Ministry Bonanza – Mr. Bob Briner. We thank you, Bob, for your heart for “the least of these.” Jail/Prison/Kairos Bonanza Baylake United Methodist Church, on Saturday, 10 September, for 3 hours, hosted a jail, prison and Kairos briefings and testimonies, emmceed by jail volunteer, Bob Briner.  55 people were in … Read more »

A Mighty Hug

You know a mighty hug when you’ve gotten one – when someone hugs you like they mean it.  There are the side hugs, the pat on the back hugs, the obligatory hugs… and then there are mighty hugs.  The big ones.  Hugs like they can’t let go.  Hugs like it matters. Like a life depends on it.  That’s a mighty … Read more »

Annual Campaign Time – What’s YOUR Reason?

Volunteer and donor “Emily” shares, “Revival is happening in the prisons!  GraceInside is one of the few organizations doing the work. That’s why I support GraceInside.” Once a year, we will ask for your support in keeping GraceInside through our annual campaign. Annual campaigns seek to provide the basic operating support of an organization like ours – and are a … Read more »

Prison Ministry Bonanza: GraceInside, Kairos and Good News – together!

On Saturday, September 10th, at Baylake United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach, you can one-stop shop the ministries making a powerful difference in the lives of the incarcerated.  Speakers from all three prison ministries will speak and offer testimonies from 9 – 12 – preceded by check in and coffee at 8:30 and to be followed by a light lunch.  A … Read more »

Uke Should Have Been There! Uke-Charist service benefiting GraceInside

I don’t know if “roaring success” is the right way to describe a group of ukulele players and worshipers celebrating our Lord’s Supper together – but I’m going with it anyway.  Last night, several hundred folks gathered at Saint David’s Episcopal – along with St. Matthew’s Episcopal – to sponsor the Uke-Charist to benefit GraceInside. The front of the church … Read more »

A Matchstick Masterpiece

Every now and again, life brings you a masterpiece – and then to discover it is made entirely of matchsticks. Recently, we were contacted by a beloved niece of “Uncle Buck” who had been given a very special church.  She wanted to share the matchstick masterpiece where it could be appreciated. This masterpiece was created by those who impacted by Buck Utz as … Read more »

Ukecharist! August 14 at 5pm!

Have you ever attended a Ukulele Eucharist? Yes?  Then you know how much fun it is.  No?  Well HERE is your chance! August 14th at 5:00pm at St. David’s Episcopal Church at 1801 Camborne Road, Richmond VA! The offering will benefit GraceInside!  Come on out for a fun and joyful time for a great cause (if we say so ourselves)! … Read more »

Godspeed to Chaplain Donald Stine

After 24 years of dedicated and loyal service to GraceInside and to the men incarcerated in Virginia, we wish Chaplain Donald Stine a very happy and well deserved retirement.  Most recently, Chaplain Stine worked with the men at Buckingham Correctional Center.  Chaplain Stine was beloved for his wry humor, dedication and open heart.  Very, very few chaplains have the spirit … Read more »

What’s Happening Inside Y(our) Church? Check out Number 1!

We’d love for you to know more about GraceInside and the value of chaplaincy in Virginia’s prisons.  What really happens inside a prison, in terms of religious services? Here are the numbers for March 2016. 1. 933 weekly religious services with 32,628 attending 2. 626 weekly studies with 9299 attending 3. 289 “special classes” with 1678 attending 4. 1585 special … Read more »