Kairos Behind the Bars at Powhatan

Chaplain Bernie Morris reports that Kairos continues to be a powerful experience for offenders at Powhatan Correctional Center. “September 22-25, 2014 saw the completion of Kairos Walk #3 in the Powhatan Main Compound Visitation Center; we had 23 volunteers and 32 offenders finish the walk with the gifting of the cross ceremony, “Jesus Depends On You.”  During open mic on … Read more »

Joe’s Testimony

Chaplain Corbitt visits Joe – a returned citizen transformed by grace. Read more »

GraceInside – and Grace Outside

How many times a day do you get to go outside?  Do we take for granted the warmth of the sun or the cool of the rain on our skin?  For those incarcerated, going outside is a privilege.  Simply to walk around the courtyard is a gift when you are inside a prison cell or building most of the day. … Read more »

Staff Inside Know GraceInside

  When we think of those in prison, often we think of only those who have been convicted of felonies.  However, prisons are places of employment for many of Virginia’s citizens.  Certainly, correctional officers and security staff make up a significant portion of those who work behind bars.  They work not to just to keep us safe but they work … Read more »