Prayers for Thomas

In an effort to share more of YOUR impact when you serve through GraceInside and a partner ministry, one of our Kairos brothers has agreed to share his blog posts. We thank Lee Davis for his heart and his service to those on the inside and to our God.

Please join us in praying for Thomas.

Following KAIROS 5 in April, 2013 I wrote of the amazing transformation of Thomas, a gang leader and a real tough cookie. Team members watched as the Holy Spirit moved him to give up his former life and accept the love and forgiveness that can only come from God. His humble tears were proof positive to all in attendance, residents and team members alike, that even the most unthinkable can come to pass on a KAIROS weekend through God’s grace. His heart of stone was smashed indeed! At the closing ceremony his eyes glowed; his smile was enchanted. There was no mistaking he was a new man. He walked back out into the prison yard with new hope for the months and years he faced there. His letters afterward told of his new life, his recognition that it was the power of a Loving God who had lifted him out of the gloom that engulfed him. He wrote about his mother and how proud she was of him, probably or the very first time. Team members counted on seeing Thomas at all KAIROS functions. Because of his good behavior he was moved several years later to a lower level prison.

He has not responded to several letters. I have received word that Thomas may have slipped back into his old ways. Please join me in praying for Thomas, that a good Christian inside that prison will reach out to him. Pray that he will feels Gods loving presence, waiting at the door for him to return. (Revelation 3:20)

GraceInside January 3, 2018