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Getting to Know GraceInside

Virginia’s Prison Chaplin Service

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The Lady in Orange
The Lady in Orange

During the 2014 Virginia Annual Conference in Hampton, the Rev. Lynn Litchfield introduced GraceInside to the 3,000 laity and clergy present, many hearing the story for the first time. For those who might have forgotten making acquaintance back then with GraceInside, Virginia’s prison chaplain service, they’ll no doubt remember the woman wearing the orange prison jumpsuit.

Her telling of “Hope” was a compelling one, so-much-so that it held everyone’s attention from beginning to end. For well over a year, Rev. Litchfield has been sharing that dramatic story of “Hope” throughout the Virginia Conference to raise awareness of those in prison and their need for a chaplain.
Coming in the September issue of The BEACON, the video debut of “Hope’s Story.”


GraceInside April 25, 2016