The Light of A Star by Lynn Litchfield

On my travels as “Hope,” I rely heavily on my GPS systems—in the car, on my phone and on the Garmin. Even so, geographically challenged folks, like me, can get quite lost. Once, I was far from home and the GPS system lost its signal. My phone had no reception and even my back up Garmin had lost the satellite. I was in the middle of nowhere—no stores, no gas stations, no idea exactly where I was—even if I could have reached out, I did not know enough to tell someone how to find me. I was really lost.

Isn’t this the story of so many lost in darkness, so lost they cannot even tell you where they are? The systems they depended on (for good or for bad) failed them.

The star in the night led the magi. Although the magi weren’t exactly sure where they would end up, they saw something worth pursuing. They traveled toward the light. They followed the star—and found the Christ child. They found Jesus!be-the-star-for-website

YOU are the stars of GraceInside… YOU make that light possible. YOU are the hope of Christmas. You are the saving grace that will transform lives. Because of you and your support, the lost are finding their way home. Because of you, GraceInside’s chaplains can be the GPS systems that guide the lost home. You help the lost find their way to Jesus, to a new hope, to a new life, to a new family and community. With your gift, and others like it, we will be able to change a life forever!

This Christmas, keeping shining that light!  Keep beaming hope to thousands of incarcerated in our state. Be that star… be GraceInside so that the lost can find their way to the Christ child!

GraceInside December 8, 2016