What if it’s Your Church? by GraceInside and Kairos volunteer, Lee Davis

Following is a portion of a letter recently received from an old friend in prison. He has some reason to believe that finally he may have a chance of getting out:

“As you might imagine, after more than twenty-five years of not knowing when the gate would open for me, I anxiously await an official word. The other morning in my devotional time I was thinking about “deliverance”. Truly, when God delivers it is time to rejoice. But at the same time it is the start of being responsible for whatever the Lord has birthed in you. While I [have] given a lot of prayer and thought into post-prison life, I am really beginning to realize that the past 25 years have been easy compared to my first five years on the other side of the gate. If I didn’t have the assurance that the Lord will be with me as I enter this next phase, I would really be scared. Thankfully I know that I am an overcomer and that nothing I will face out there is greater than the One who lives inside of me.”

In discussing this with friends in a small group it was suggested he needs to find a church as soon as he gets out; probably doesn’t have a big fan club waiting for his return after all of these years.

What if he finds your church? Would he receive a “Thanks for coming by, we hope to see you next Sunday too?”


GraceInside February 5, 2018