Who Will Find Us Faithful?

Our Easter Campaign is to raise money for our two identified greatest needs – the chaplaincies at Augusta and Fluvanna Correctional Centers.  By population and by demand, these two institutions are desperate for more ministry.  Will you help? Read more on how and why below!

I recently ran across this quote, “Imagine that when you get to Heaven, there are a hundred people standing at the entrance, clapping and cheering and saying, “We’ve been waiting for you! We’re here because of you!  You spent money to tell us the Good News.” The author pointed to Luke 16:9, “Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends. Then, when your earthly possessions are gone, they will welcome you to an eternal home.”

Because of our GraceInside family, we KNOW we will meet people in Heaven who learned about the love of Jesus Christ behind bars. With your help, Jesus’ love changes everything!!! When you support Jesus’ mission behind bars, we believe it is the highest and best use of your money – investing in the lives of those who need to know Jesus’ love.

This Easter season, we’ve selected two of our greatest needs at GraceInside and are inviting you to pray about how God might want your help. The American Correctional Association’s auditing standard requires one full-time chaplain for every facility with 500 or more incarcerated. GraceInside needs your help meeting this standard.

  • Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women is our max-security prison with 1250 women. The specific needs of women in prison have proven to be great. We’ve been blessed with designated funding to support a full-time chaplain (40 hours) at Virginia Correctional Center for Women with 500 ladies. We have had the same 40 hours designated for FCCW with more than twice the women. GraceInside stepped out in faith that God wants a second chaplain at FCCW and she began March 1. Would you help ensure the continued quality spiritual care of the women at FCCW and designate a gift today? It will cost roughly $22,000 to add the 20 hours a week. Frankly, with more, she can serve more.
  • Augusta Correctional Center houses 1350 men and is currently supported at just over 30 hours. Given the population to hours ratio, Augusta has the greatest need for hours of all the male facilities receiving current funding. With the closing of Powhatan Correctional Center’s main facility, the men were transferred to Nottoway and Augusta dramatically increasing the populations of both facilities. Designated funding has helped Nottoway’s chaplaincy become full-time. Will you join us in praying the same for Augusta?

Find our “Donate” button online at www.graceinside.org and designate your gift or write a check to GraceInside and designate the prison on the memo line. You can easily give monthly – knowing every month someone can find Jesus’ love because of you!

Whether you share your prayers or God’s financial blessings, thank you for holding GraceInside your heart.

Keeping GraceInside,


Rev. J. Randy Myers


PS. Thank you for your heart for Jesus! It is only because of caring Christians like you that we can fulfill the mandate to visit those in prison. You help Jesus transform lives!

YES!  I believe Jesus changes lives!  I want others to join me in Heaven one day!

$840 is 40 hours of care (one week of full-time chaplaincy)

$420 is twenty hours of care

$210 is ten hours of chaplaincy care

$105 is five hours of chaplaincy

$21 is one hour of chaplaincy care


I want to designate this gift to support an increase of chaplaincy hours at __________________.

Please contact me – I’d like to volunteer to help on the “inside” or on the “outside.”


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City: _________________________  State: ___________ Zip: ____________Email: ______________________________________________________

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GraceInside March 26, 2018