Changing it up!

We are delighted to announce some staff changes within GraceInside.

Effective 11/1/2015, Chaplain Robert Ball will become the chaplain to Nottoway Correctional Center!  Due to Mike Rowland’s retirement, the position opened and Chaplain Ball has stepped up eager to assume the helm of the ministry there.  This change left an opening in both of Chaplain Ball’s facilities – Lunenburg and Baskerville.  Happily, our own Chaplain Curtis Wall will begin that assignment on 11/1 as well.  GraceInside is excited for the ministry opportunities that await both these experienced and strong chaplains as they embark in their new facilities!

Congratulations Chaplains Ball and Wall!  May God continue to guide your hearts as you reach through the bars to save lives!



GraceInside October 18, 2015