Happy Retirement, Chaplain Michael Rowland!

After 22 years serving as a chaplain with GraceInside, most recently at Nottoway Correctional Center, we celebrate with Chaplain Michael Rowland that he will be retiring from chaplaincy!  While we will miss Chaplain Rowland, we are excited about this new chapter in his life where he can focus more on the church he serves and spend time with his wife.  We appreciate his dedication and commitment and he will be missed.  Congratulations!

“I give God total credit and praise for each day he’s given me here these past 22 years.”  Starting in Nottoway Correctional Center and Nottoway Work Center on Jan 18, 1993, Dr. Michael Rowland is one of our most experienced chaplains.  He’s seen seven Wardens and knows the issues that cause and arise from incarceration.

Back in 1976-77, he did his clinical work at MCV (Medical College of Virginia) while serving as pastor full time to Cedar Baptist Church in Dillwyn (the same Cedar Baptist that Chaplain Armstrong now serves!) “I had the chance to work with a number of people there and men who were at MCV for medical treatment.”  He continued working with alcohol and drug addicts, providing individual and group counseling and therapy in several residential treatment programs.  “Many were there to stay out of the prison system.” His Doctor of Ministry program was a field project working with recovering addicts.

Chaplain Rowland’s philosophy of ministry is that the body of Christ is a team and a family.  “I share the love of Christ for men who are incarcerated in prison…and to help them in different ways receive God’s grace and mercy…and that involves a number of different avenues from counseling to providing Christian literature to worship, Bible Studies greeting cards…to express the love of Christ for all people including those incarcerated who have made mistakes.”

Thank you for sharing this love with GraceInside and the men in prison for 22 years!  We are grateful for your service and your care!


GraceInside October 21, 2015