Our Mission: To provide full-time chaplains in all of Virginia’s state adult prison facilities.

Like a small, flickering beacon in the distance, GraceInside purposes to be the light of Jesus Christ calling forth hope and change and a new way.

GraceInside’s chaplains are like lighthouses beckoning toward a new port for the 30,000 currently incarcerated in Virginia’s state prison system. Prisons can be treacherous seas, but they can also be a transformative ones.

Virginia is unique in that our chaplains are not state employees. Our chaplains are privately funded by caring individuals, churches, denominations, foundations and businesses.

Why are chaplains needed?


men and women are incarcerated in Virginia today.


Virginia’s state prisons hold the equivalent of the student population of Virginia Tech.
30,000 is also the combined total of the population in West Point, Chincoteague, Tappahanock and King and Queen County.


of all imprisoned persons will be released back into society as returning citizens.


GraceInside changes lives.
Through relationships GraceInside’s chaplains share light in a dark place, safe passage through the storm and guidance for the journey home.


is the average cost to house an offender for one year.


$25,000 gives a GraceInside chaplain 26 hours/week per year to bring Jesus Christ to the Commonwealth’s incarcerated.

What is a chaplain?

Chaplains are specially trained clergy qualified to serve in an institutional setting such as a hospital, school, the military and prisons.

Serving in this particular environment often requires additional clinical training and particular credentials. Full-time chaplaincy requires a Master of Divinity, a minimum of one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, or equivalent, ordination and denominational endorsement.


Prison Locations

For purposes of management, Virginia’s Department of Corrections is divided into three regions: Western, Central and Eastern.  Each region contains between twelve and fifteen facilities. GraceInside seeks to plant hope in each facility by funding a Chaplain.

Meet our Chaplains