Chaplain Lisa Y. Brown

Chaplain Lisa Y. Brown is a woman who believes in family. The youngest of eight children, born and raised in Brooklyn, she was always around family. At 13, she was already engaged in ministry. New Life, the urban version of Young Life, enjoyed 15 years of her dedicated service on playgrounds, basketball courts and in the projects of the Lower East Side. Chaplain Brown learned early that building relationships is the first step to sharing Christ.

With experience in the Pentecostal, Brooklyn Tabernacle, non-denominational and the African Methodist Episcopal churches, Chaplain Brown brings a wealth of experience to her service to Haynesville Correctional Center and Unit 17.  Ordained by The House of the Lord, she values speaking truth to power. With experience in corporate management, her skill set will serve the men well. Prior to becoming their chaplain, she volunteered with Chaplain Rodney at Greensville Correctional Center.  It was there Chaplain Brown tried out her first sermon in front of 174 men – who did nothing but support her! “Those men prayed me through seminary.”  A graduate of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

In fact, Chaplain Rodney and those men have been important to discerning Chaplain Brown’s call.  “Chaplain Rodney is a dear friend from younger days and we reconnected and starting leading Bible Studies for Richmond Fellowship in our homes.  She was volunteering for GraceInside before she became a chaplain and I would go with her to services.  There was something about being in that space.  It is so real and I fell in love.  It had that energy – such a spirit filled church.”

Chaplain Brown has learned, “I found peace helping people to get peace.  I preach in the prison that no matter where you are – in the steeple or in prison – God is still there. I love being in touch with the men, serving as a spiritual guide and seeing guys go home and knowing most are doing extremely well.”  She recounts the story of one man who was released that found a home, job and two church ministries to serve as a pianist within the first two months. “When I see or hear success stories…that’s wonderful.”

When not inside HCC or the State Farm Complex, Chaplain Brown is an active member of Celebration Center on the Southside of Richmond and a very active god-mother to the cutest 6 year old ever, Nyah, her niece.  For fun, she loves roller-coasters and cooking. “When God and I have something to work out, I cook.”  With six surviving siblings (some of whom are also ordained and serving in ministry) and two active parents, 21 nieces/nephews 17 great nieces/nephews and 13 great-great nieces/nephews, Chaplain Brown loves spending time with family.

We, at GraceInside, are delighted to welcome her to ours!