Chaplain Darrell Hunley

Darrell enjoys spreading the Word, reaching out to help the hurting and sharing Bible answers to life’s problems. Nothing brings him greater joy than seeing “new born” believers in Christ and sharing in their spiritual growth.



As early as 1995, “I had pretty well decided that [prison chaplaincy] was one of the greatest jobs in the world.” Starting with GraceInside in April of 2014, and assigned to Pocahontas Correctional Center, that belief is now Chaplain Hunley’s reality. “What a joy it is to serve and be served by the offenders of all faiths. I love the Lord and I am thankful to be a soldier in his army…it’s nice to be on the winning side.”

Chaplain Hunley shares, “I think one of the greatest experiences I received was when I went to Keen Mountain Correctional Center for shadow training and I met a man who makes 30 cents an hour — and he tithes.  What a humbling experience it was when this group of men told me, ‘We all do!’  Then, they began to talk about the child in Africa that they had supported for eight years.  Now that she is grown, they’ve taken on another child she recommended.”

Before he entered ministry, Chaplain Hunley’s background was in insurance sales. (Some might say he still is!)  Chaplain Hunley shares that he believes there are “only two kinds of people…them that are saved and them that are not…whatever I can do for those that are not, to see Christ in me, is what I will do.  Them that are saved…we all have a job to do in God’s army.”

Chaplain Hunley’s life exemplifies this passion for preaching the Gospel and for missions. Pastor of Pocahontas Baptist Church and the Director of Missions in his community, Chaplain Hunley is also director of the Food Bank. He is a busy man, but judging from his history, busy is how he likes it.  “I hold a BA in Sociology, BA in Religion, MA in Christian Education, MS in Clinical Counseling, PhD in Pastoral Counseling & PhD in Divinity.”  He’s also a board certified counselor with the National Christian Counselor Association for which he has been the keynote speaker on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Prior to joining GraceInside, Chaplain Hunley started counseling centers in several southern states.

Chaplain Hunley’s favorite biblical person is Joseph of the book of Genesis. “No matter what life threw at him, he kept his eyes focused on God.  He didn’t have pity parties, he didn’t look for revenge, he didn’t scream at God, ‘How come you are not straightening these things out!?’ He was happy and content. At the beginning of his life one might call him an immature teenager. But this immature teenager stayed true to who he is and God makes him the second most powerful ruler on the earth. Even then he stayed true to how to treat others.  I think all of us go through life and get raw deals, if we are on this earth long enough, so just look for opportunities to share and make it better.”

Married 41 years ago, in tenth grade, to his beloved wife, Robin, they have three adult daughters.  Chaplain Hunley says he works for fun, but when he can get away, he likes “to go to Disney World and just enjoy things…I enjoy relaxation and seeing others have a good time.  I’m in grandparent mode.” With twelve grandchildren (ages 3-18) to love, we’d say that’s a very good mode to be in!