Chaplain Janice R. Broadie

Prior to pursuing her theological education and becoming an ordained Baptist minister, Janice Broadie spent 30 years in the telephone industry. She has served as a pool chaplain for the VCU Hospital System and now serves as a dedicated, passionate part-time chaplain at a women’s correctional field unit.


Chaplain Janice Broadie’s life revolves around her service to God.  Really.  An Associate Minister at Cedar Street Baptist Church, a PRN chaplain for Chippenham Johnston Willis Medical Center and a chaplain for GraceInside, Chaplain Broadie knows she is making a difference in the lives of those with whom she works.  Chaplain Broadie explains, “I love the Lord.  My desire is to please Him and serve Him.  My utmost for his highest.”

During seminary at Samuel DeWhitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University, Chaplain Broadie felt a call to pastoral care.  Finishing her clinical pastoral care residency at VCU, she began to seek chaplaincy positions.  Among the opportunities she found, she accepted a position in June of 2010 serving the 290 women incarcerated at Central Virginia Correctional Unit 13 located in Chesterfield, Virginia.

“Knowing that what I am doing makes a difference in the lives of the women here keeps me coming back.  They do let me know that I have made a difference in their lives.  Even without that, I believe this is where the Lord would have me be.  I am happy to be able to encourage them along the way.  To sit with them, to pray with them, to share the Word with them on a one-on-one basis – that’s what keeps me coming back.  I know it makes a difference.” Chaplain Broadie views her ministry as a lighthouse in the darkness – shining – to help people find their way.

When not serving professionally, she enjoys journaling, reading, eating out with friends and visiting a beloved sister in rural North Carolina where she can enjoy the quiet beauty of the scenery. That quiet beauty she enjoys is evident in her demeanor and care.  Shine on, Chaplain Broadie!  We benefit from your light.