Chaplain Michael Vosburg

For 33 years Mike Vosburg had a successful career as an Executive Chef, after which he founded and ran his own successful business for a decade (Ice Sculptures Unlimited). Mike is a graduate of the Faith Landmarks Bible Institute’s 3-year ministry preparation program, is ordained through the Faith Landmark Ministerial Fellowship, is the founder of his own iChoose Ministries, Inc., and (after having served for a long time as a faithful religious volunteer) served as a part-time chaplain at Greensville Correctional Center. As of May 1, 2018, Chaplain Vosburg transferred to Deerfield Correctional Center.



Chaplain Michael Vosburg believes in following his heart.  Always seeing potential and passionate by nature, when he became a Christian, he decided that he would follow that heart into Christian service.  Starting in May of 2014 as the Chaplain to Greensville S1, Chaplain Vosburg had volunteered at the S1 community for more than five years. At Greensville Correctional Center, a level 3 facility, three separate prison buildings occupy the compound, labeled S1, S2 and S3.  The assignment to serve S1 also included a level 1 work center outside the gates. In May of 2018, Chaplain Vosburg became the chaplain to Deerfield Correctional Center – our geriatric prison.

Chaplain Vosburg brings his heart and desire “to do for the Lord.”  “I’m so excited.  Learning the ins and outs of the DOC and learning the administrative parts of being a chaplain have been a little bit of a challenge but the pastoring part has been wonderful!” Clearly having found his niche at Deerfield, he has developed relationships with the church, the community and especially the men inside.

Chaplain Vosburg came to GraceInside as the founder of iChoose Ministry – focusing on wholeness and freedom.  His previous call was to work with people who struggle with alcohol and drug use and the homeless.  “Many of them were previously incarcerated.  So prison ministry was always in my heart.  I began volunteering with the juveniles, volunteered at Powhatan, then Greensville – and I really got a heart for the guys here.  One of the leaders suggested I pray about applying to be the chaplain.  I said I don’t need to pray about it – and I applied!”

“I’ve been labeled a “grace” preacher so when we took the name GraceInside, I knew it was confirmation!  I have always been about who we are right now – not who you were, but who you are going to be because of what Christ has done!  I have a calling on my life to be here.  I believe that God has given me grace to be able to reach those who are lost and struggling with attachments such as addiction and things of that nature.  Our services are very, very powerful.  God has blessed me to be able to see the transformation of the lives of people right here.  It is a blessing to be able to see lives transformed through Christ.”

Formerly, in the food business for 30 years, and an executive chef for 18 years, Chaplain Vosburg was also a professional ice sculptor.  He likens his work with the men to the artistry of potential – to sculpting.  He explains, “To the regular eye, a block of ice looked like a block of ice.  But to me, I began by cutting out the negativity. The ice begins to take shape.  Then, it goes through more careful detailing – then the cleaning…Someone with the natural eye may not see that potential but I can. The same is true with the guys.”

When not working, Chaplain Vosburg says, “I love cooking for my wife today.  It really does make her happy.”  Chaplain Vosburg has one daughter, Rhea, who is married to Nate Douglas and works as a dermatologist. Chaplain Vosburg is also a grandfather! Yet another opportunity for Chaplain Vosburg to see some potential and follow his heart!