Chaplain Ashton Brock

Rev. Ashton Brock begins as our chaplain to the only private prison in Virginia, Lawrenceville Correctional Center.

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Chaplain Ashton Brock serves the men incarcerated at the only private prison in Virginia, Lawrenceville Correctional Center.  Beginning June 1, 2015, Chaplain Brock is new to LCC but he is not new to prison ministry. Previous work experiences gave him ample exposure to the hurt and struggle of those who land inside prison walls.

Chaplain Brock began serving in prisons through a friend in church.  “I had a friend who served as a support person through the President’s Council to the Chesterfield County Jail.  In 2002, he asked if I wanted to join him at a meeting.  Then, I was hooked. I began volunteering.”  Later involved as an instructor at Deep Meadow Correctional Center through the Faith Based Reentry Program (FBRE), he felt a call to do prison ministry as a full-time position.  “I just continued with my volunteering until that door opened.  I am excited about it!”

“Even though my friend at church asked me about the jail ministry, I had never formerly thought about doing it.  However, I had a lot of opportunity to share my testimony and show God’s love to people who were in trouble. I just always had a heart for people who are ostracized and incarcerated.”

“We had a volunteer meeting today at the prison.  Even church people can look at you kind of funny when you say you serve in a prison or a jail…it’s hard for them to get a grip on that.  Out of fear, or they’ve seen too much on TV, they don’t really understand.  You CAN really help people.  I’ve met a lot of incarcerated people who’ve helped and taught me, too… a lot of them are Christians.  It’s been a great blessing to me, too.”

“We all make mistakes.  We all do things God doesn’t want us to do.  Sometimes people do things that cause them to be punished by being put in prison. I definitely feel like my role is to be a good listener, to be here…to listen well…to show love no matter what!”

Chaplain Brock and his wife Jeanne, married in 1980, have 3 adult children, 4 granddaughters and one grandson! “We have wonderful children and grandchildren!  I’m sure everybody says that but they really are. We really help with the grandchildren…and are involved in our church.”  Chaplain Brock’s family also loves the beach.  Every year they look forward to time together to enjoy the surf and fishing. “We really we love the beach.  We love to go all together.”

Summing up his philosophy on prison ministry, Chaplain Brock shares, “I just want to be a servant.”

GraceInside is thrilled to have such a servant join our family!