Supervising Chaplain William Moore III (Eastern Region)

An ordained Baptist minister, William Moore III has pastored churches for many years, and he began serving as chaplain at Sussex II State Prison in 2004. An honored military veteran, Rev. Moore is also the proud father of two grown children and one grandchild.

  (804) 834-2678 ext. 41695


Creating beauty is a passion for Chaplain William Moore III. An avid horticulturalist in his free time, he enjoys planting flowers, tending a garden and watching the growth. But, his devotion to adding life to spaces isn’t limited to his time off. Chaplain Moore also tends to the lives of the men who inhabit Sussex II State Prison, a level four security facility.

A chaplain with GraceInside since July of 2004, he first felt a pull toward chaplaincy in seminary at Virginia Union University where he pursued his clinical pastoral education units. When Chaplain Moore started at Sussex II, he was able to initiate programming to whet the spiritual appetite of the men. A highlight was establishing the first Jewish program at the prison. While expressly Christian, and a pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Rehoboth, Chaplain Moore understands the importance of providing for the spiritual needs of all the men, both legally and spiritually.

Chaplain Moore sees his job as helping, in his words, “the guys” turn their lives around. Sometimes this work has growth he can see and other times, his faith must step in to finish the story. One of the men to whom Chaplain Moore ministered was in the medical unit, terminal with cancer. After visiting with him a number of times and helping to navigate both the spiritual and practical end of life issues we all face, Chaplain Moore offered to leave the man a copy of Our Daily Bread, a popular Christian devotional. The man softly whispered, “I don’t know how to read.” It is easy to imagine Chaplain Moore settling deeper into his chair, tending now to the humanity of the dying man, his friend, offering comfort in the midst of isolation and fear.

When no one is left to hold us, God still loves us… God still cares. Chaplain Moore personifies that. Chaplain Moore says he’s “just an ordinary guy trying to carry out my call from God.” Extraordinary is more like it.

We at GraceInside believe he’s an extraordinary man of God carrying out an extraordinary call!