We celebrate what God is doing through these amazing servants!  Each Sunday, we post a new GraceInside Volunteer of the Week on our GraceInside Facebook page. These dedicated souls have been nominated by the chaplain – or by a staff member of GraceInside – for their transformative work on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Check out our Facebook page – or go directly to the Facebook post links below to learn more about these God-inspired AWESOME folks!!!! These folks are listed with the most recent GraceInside Volunteer of the Week first – and moving backwards in time to our very first one in January of 2017.

Richard Gentry

Willie May Byram

Barbara Burgess – our first GraceInside Celebrated Volunteer of the Week for 2018

Earnestine Spratley

Thomas Holcomb

Chip Jones

Mildred S. Smith

Stella Battle

Charlie Harris

Carl Walker and Mack Talley

Tom Douglas

Tasha King

Jacque Hindman

Davis R. Adkins

Betty Cureton Powell

Louise Jennings

Ron and Nancy Switzer

Eva Angell

Bobby and Nan McGee

Bob Keller – in memory

Douglas McDaniel,Jr.

Garry Sims

Gerry Fuss

Paul “Chip” Beekman

Connie Beekman

Jack Rose

Mildred Jenkins

Beth Sheffield

Myrna Johnson

Joyce Irvin-Goode

Margie Howell

Karen Morris

Bill Salmons

Alan Hill

Larry Shives

Merle Mills

Bruce Smith (first ever Volunteer of the Week! January of 2017)