Our chaplains are amazing people who partner with Christ to save lives from the inside out.  Yet, they need our help.  Certainly, they need our financial support to keep doing what they do so well throughout the Commonwealth’s prisons.


Christmas Stocking Project

invites your family, group, class or organization to take a Christmas stocking to fill with money for our mission. One family made it a “naughty to nice” stocking and each time they “oopsed” they put in a dollar that would help them remember to be nice – and to help change someone else’s life, too.  Checks can be sent to our central office. For questions, contact LynnLitchfield@graceinside.org


Sussex 1 – patrick.jones@vadoc.virginia.gov

Brunswick Women’s & Deerfield Work Centers – lbrown@vadoc.virginia.gov

Red Onion (thinking of you and blank cards) – cliff.cawthorne@vadoc.virginia.gov

Indian Creek – calvin.corbitt@vadoc.virginia.gov

Lunenburg and Baskerville – curtis.wall@vadoc.virginia.gov

River North – randy.mcdaniel@vadoc.virginia.gov

CVCU#13 – janice.broadie@vadoc.virginia.gov

VCCW – rita.willett1@vadoc.virginia.gov

Sussex II – william.moore@vadoc.virginia.gov


ESV, NIVe – Easy reading Bibles because so many have a low reading level (Greensville s2)

Study Bibles (VCCW, Greensville S2, Deep Meadow, CVCU#13, Green Rock, Sussex ** and River North)

Hard back NIV or CEV Bibles (pew Bibles for VCCW)

Quest Hardback Study Bibles and Spanish Diario Vivir, RVR 1960 (Green Rock and Augusta)

Large print (VCCW)

Augusta Correctional Center – robby.burke@vadoc.virginia.gov

Deep Meadow Correctional Center – david.cheyne@vadoc.virginia.gov

Virginia Correctional Center for Women – karen.powell2@vadoc.virginia.gov

Greensville Correctional Center – S2 – donna.b.smith@vadoc.virginia.gov

River North Correctional Center – randy.mcdaniel@vadoc.virginia.gov

Green Rock – douglas.huff@vadoc.virginia.gov

Sussex II – william.moore@vadoc.virginia.gov


Pocahontas – darrell.hunley@vadoc.virginia.gov

  • 50′ (16 channel)  Snake cable that can handle speakers. Cost is between $600.00 & $750.00 dollars to as much a 1200.00. This cable must be strong and made especially for speakers
  • guitar cable 12 Gage or stronger 6-10 ft in length
  • pics and a lapel mic, tambourine, shakers
  • Keyboard  as our current one is 10 years old and giving out.
  • new mic cables

Lunenburg – curtis.wall@vadoc.virginia.gov

  • 50ft Speaker Cable
  • 20 Ft Microphone Cable
  • Keyboard Stand

Greensville Correctional Center – S2 – donna.b.smith@vadoc.virginia.gov

  • AC adapter for Roland Juno-D Keyboard, input:  AC 120V, 60 Hz output: DC-9V 1 amp Model CY-0901
  • AC adapter – mini-amp – Model amp 800 9V 750 mA (milli-amps) Behringer.com possible source
  • Hadphones to replace our old ones and we cannot use wireless!!!  Can use Demco headphones with right and left adjustable volumes, stereo/mono, item #P139.5024  or Highsmith Model 20810 automatic/stereo/mono headphones.
  • Christian Videos for the Chaplain’s Library

USED SUNDAY SCHOOL MATERIALS/DEVOTIONALS (Guideposts, precept materials, etc)

River North – Randy.mcdaniel@vadoc.virginia.gov