Board of Trustees for 2019

Mr. Lindell Tinsley

Member-at-Large (BGCV-Baptist)

Elder Dwain Warren

Church of God in Christ

Mr. Lyman Hubbard, Jr.

Member-at-Large (Catholic)

Mrs. Emily Bailey

Baptist General Association of Virginia

Ms. Marti Stephens-Hartka

Member-at-Large (Episcopal)

Rev. Deacon Christine Garcia

Member-at-Large (Episcopal)

Mr. James Bailey

Member-at-large (Catholic)

Mr. Matthew Greenshields

Virginia Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Rev. Barbara Sadtler

Member-at-Large (BGAV)

Mrs. Marilyn McCarty

Baptist General Association of Virginia

Rev. Marilyn Heckstall

Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church

Rev. Marjorie Holm

Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia

Rev. Kevin Richardson

Holston Conference, United Methodist Church

Deacon Charles Williams

Catholic Diocese of Richmond

Rev. Dr. William Eric Jackson

Member-at-Large (BGCV-Baptist)

Rev. Deacon Sally Gunn

Member-at-Large (Episcopal)

Dr. John H. Spencer

Member-at-Large (VAUMC)

Rev. Bill Twine

Member-at-Large (BGAV)

Board Emeritus

Rev. Don L. Powell

Mr. Robert McClintock

Why I Served

“I have seen firsthand the dedication, faith and compassion in the chaplains and the staff. This organization exists to serve, light the way and show the incarcerated that there is hope, a better way and to facilitate change in their lives. I have seen results and believe that in order for true change, faith is the vehicle.”
–Pat Carrowiano
Council Member  2013-2015

“I serve, first, as an act of obedience, for “… to obey is better than sacrifice …” 1 Sam. 15:22. As a missionary at home and abroad, I sensed a call to encourage, affirm, and empower the disenfranchised woman whether in other countries, at home or behind prison walls.”
—Elwanda Cornelius
Board Member since 2011

“For over 30+ years I have been involved with GraceInside as a member of the Advisory Council, board, and as a prison volunteer. I have witnessed first-hand the valuable work of this ministry in helping to bring meaning to the lives of inmates and helping those returning to their communities to be productive and caring citizens.

As a volunteer at the state’s largest women’s prison (FCCW), I have seen what the chaplain does there and the impact of her presence. There are many examples of lives turned around and citizens returning to their communities giving back to society in meaningful ways. Through weekly worship services, Bible study, individual counseling, crisis and grief support, chaplains are a valuable beacon of light and hope to those in a dark and seemingly hopeless time of their life.

Many, on the outside, tend to think those people did some crime and deserve to be locked up and punished. Fortunately, there are others who choose to answer a calling to serve “the least of these.”
— Sue Pickett
Board Member  2011  – 2016

“I serve in prison ministry because the Lord asked me to do so. I serve faithfully because nowhere I go is the Lord more needed than in the darkness of prison. I serve joyously because the Spirit of the Lord shines more brightly at Keen Mountain Correctional Center than anywhere else I go!”
—Ed Griffin
Board Member 2013 – 2016

“Watching God work in these men in prison allows me to witness God’s miracles every time I go there. It allows me the opportunity to give back for all the blessings I have been given and to do Matthew 25 as I feel I was called to do.”
—Gerry Fuss
Advisory Council Member (2013-2016) and Board member since 2017

“I serve because I feel God spoke to my heart and called me into prison ministry…because serving my brothers and sisters that are incarcerated blesses me more than anything I could do that blesses them…because I believe what the Scriptures say in Matthew 25: 31 -40. I serve to try to fulfill the Great Commission.”
—Gene Mims
Board Member 2011 – 2016