Christmas Stocking Ministry for GraceInside’s Chaplains

  •  November 17, 2014

Fill a stocking and give the gift of a Chaplain this Christmas!   Chaplains are a lifeline to Virginia’s incarcerated men and women. Fill a stocking for GraceInside and help extend their reach this Christmas. Here’s how you can help! 1.  Provide a stocking for your church/family/group and use them to collect monetary gifts. 2. From now until the end of the year, keep stockings visible to be filled with money for GraceInside 3. Gather the money and write a check … Read more »

Come meet “Hope” at one of GraceInside’s Upcoming Presentations

  •  September 29, 2014

Come meet “Hope” as she tells her story and shares her heart.  Rev. Lynn Litchfield will present this dramatic and moving monologue to open hearts towards believing that GraceInside matters!! November 30th – Effort Baptist Church, Palmyra, 9:30 and 11:00 worship December 3rd – 5pm, Palmyra, Roy Wheeler Realty location December 7 – Fork Union Baptist Church, Fork Union, 11:00 worship January 7 – Colosse Baptist Church, West Point, 7 pm February 1 – Scottsville Baptist Church, 11:00 worship February … Read more »

Virginia’s prison chaplain service adopts new name

  •  September 3, 2014

We are excited to announce a new chapter in the work being done in Virginia’s State Prisons. Learn more about our name change! Read the Article Read more »

Introducing Ministry Councils

  •  August 20, 2014

We believe: It takes a community to evangelize a prison. To accomplish our mission, GraceInside has a vision of building a vibrant Ministry Council (MC) to surround each prison. Ministry Councils will serve as a bridge of awareness and understanding of the critical need for chaplaincy to the neighboring community. Over the next few weeks we’ll share more about Ministry Councils. Here is a list of the main purpose and functions of a Ministry Council: Functions of a Ministry Council: … Read more »

Come Inside

  •  July 25, 2014

GraceInside Chaplain Jimmy Mitchell opens the door on what being a chaplain looks like at Red Onion and Wallens Ridge state prisons. Read The Post article Read more »

Meet GraceInside

  •  July 25, 2014

Say hello! Join Lynn Litchfield, GraceInside’s Communications and Development Director, as she shares our story through workshops, sermons, conferences and through a dramatic monologue as “Hope.”  If you would like GraceInside to come to your church or group or to learn more about prison ministry, contact us. We would be glad to share ideas on how you can partner with us to bring desperately needed Grace to those Inside. Read more »