Love Someone Lost – Join us today!

Your heart to change the world because of Jesus Christ matters to those who love someone lost. You matter to T and T’s grandson, “John.”  “I don’t know if you can help me. I am hoping a GraceInside chaplain might reach out to my grandson, John. He’s struggled with addiction for years. It finally caught up with him and now … Read more »

Mid Year Impact Update! Check it out! Two great stories!

Just click on the PDF and enjoy!  YOU make this possible!   And you’ll find out about Mary and her client! GraceInside Impact Update 2019 Read more »

Interview With Erin Alomar

A small portion of Erin’s story is featured in our Easter Resurrection Campaign. The full interview is here. Interview with Erin Alomar Erin agreed to share her story with GraceInside because of her desire to pay forward the help she received. Her story has been edited for length and clarity. Let’s introduce you to Erin. Where do you work? I … Read more »

GraceInside 2018 Annual Report – See what you’ve done!

Thanks, again, to John Romeo & Associates for donating their graphic design skills to our Annual Report! 3245-GRI Annual Report-FINAL (1) Read more »

Women’s Prisons Cut Significantly – But Our Commitment to Serve Remains

Three women’s prisons were hard hit by the changes in the recent contract between the VA DOC and GraceInside. While the incarceration rate is rising dramatically for women, chaplaincy to the three prisons was cut significantly. In spite of the losses, GraceInside remains committed to increasing essential chaplaincy hours for our incarcerated sisters. With limited resources, the DOC made decisions … Read more »

Major Changes for Chaplaincy in Virginia

GraceInside recently secured a new five year contract with Virginia’s Department of Corrections to continue to provide faith-based services for the incarcerated within our Commonwealth. The previous five year contract was on a year extension and had been implemented in 2012. With the new contract, the VADOC took advantage of the opportunity to reallocate resources for the facilities based on … Read more »

Christmas Impact Update! Legacy of New Life

Thanks for checking out our Impact Update – and it is “ours.” YOU make this possible. Thank you! Christmas Impact Update 2018 pdf Read more »

Your Gift Matters: Pastor Costella Forney

Your gift matters! Your gift heals!  You make redemption and Jesus real. Your compassion makes disciples – and even ministers! Because of you, Pastor Costella Forney can share her story of transformation. Incarcerated at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women since 2001, Costella spent her time developing a close relationship with the chaplain – who was serving there because of your … Read more »

In Prison: Grace! by Robert T. Casey

She donned the uniform that women wear in our state correctional institutions, stood in our sanctuary, and told the story of an inmate named Hope. Many of us who participated in that worship service earlier this year, when the Reverend Lynn Litchfield spoke, got new insights into prison life, chaplains’ ministry, and the importance of sharing and exemplifying the Gospel … Read more »

“My Grandson Is Incarcerated….”

A grandma tearfully came up to me to share after worship. She whispered in my ear, “My grandson is inside. I know about the pain you were talking about. Please don’t say anything…no one in my church knows. I pray for him every day but I don’t know what more to do.” I have so many thoughts… First, I hear … Read more »

Impact Update 2018 – Mid Year is here!

Please check out the testimonies from two men – one on the outside and one on the inside – impacted by GraceInside, by God – and importantly, by YOU!  Thank you for all you do to keep grace flowing on the inside! July Impact Update 2018 Read more »