Give a Man New Life – FBRE Expansion!

For Easter this year, you can give a man NEW LIFE!  GraceInside needs your help to expand our 100% successful Faith Based Re-Entry Program!  This program has over 200 graduates in the past five years who’ve benefited… whose families have benefited… God’s Kingdom has benefited… They’ve gotten out and stayed out!

With a ZERO percent recidivism rate, we want to expand this program to three more prisons beyond Deep Meadow Correctional Center.

Won’t you help us today?

For 415 dollars, you can adopt a man for a year.  You can partner with Jesus and GraceInside to save a life. You can do this in monthly payments of just 35 dollars – or any amount you feel led to offer. We have 75 men who need to be adopted to make this happen!

You can be an answer to prayer… a miracle for one man, one family, one community.

You can donate on our website by designating the Faith Based Re-Entry Program on the scroll down menu or by writing a check to GraceInside and designating FBRE on the memo line.

Please, join God in this mission to save lives from the inside-out!


GraceInside March 19, 2017