Love Someone Lost – Join us today!

Your heart to change the world because of Jesus Christ matters to those who love someone lost. You matter to T and T’s grandson, “John.”

 “I don’t know if you can help me. I am hoping a GraceInside chaplain might reach out to my grandson, John. He’s struggled with addiction for years. It finally caught up with him and now he has six years to serve. He just transferred to XXX prison. John was brought up in the church but drifted away as a teen and hasn’t found his way back. I’m hoping and praying John will use this time to connect to the roots of faith we planted. There’s nowhere else to turn. Can you have a chaplain visit my boy?”

Because John’s chaplain tends over 1000 men and is not full-time, time to minister one-on-one is precious. More ministry, more time to visit men like John, is desperately needed. Your GraceInside chaplains visit those like T’s grandson to show men and women in prison they matter to God. God loves John enough to go searching for him! God’s love might open John’s heart to receive Jesus and serve God while he is serving time.

NOW is the time!  This is our chance!  While John is clean, sober and reckoning with his choices, your GraceInside chaplain can visit and love this lost sheep. Your support ensures John gets the personal attention he needs to know God loves him – and so do we, his brothers and sisters in Christ.

You can help! Would you provide a chaplain’s visit for John?

 “I never thought about people in prison – or prison ministry before. I never thought incarceration would touch my family. Now that my grandson needs a chaplain, I thank God for GraceInside. My faith has been so important to me. I want it to be important to John. I want John to find his way back home.”

T prays faithfully for John believing if John is impacted now and allows Jesus fully in his heart, John will be freed from addiction and have new life. Join T and faithful Christians who believe Jesus changes lives!

If we do not act, the opportunity to impact John will pass, the cycle of addiction will continue… the list of victims will grow… the family’s heart will continue to break for this child lost to addiction and our system of mass incarceration. Evil itself, wins again.

You share the heart of Jesus. You know His love can guide someone lost back home. Please join us and make a commitment to help men like John – and families like T’s – in the midst of crises. Help John, T and Jesus today. Share the heart of Jesus that can change John’s life – and the Kingdom of God! Give today.

Keeping GraceInside,

J. Randy Myers

Rev. J. Randy Myers

PS. Please help Jesus transform John’s heart. Give generously to support chaplaincy today! It will take $52,000 additional dollars above our usual annual revenue to serve our 7 most heavily populated prisons with a full-time chaplain. Those prisons represent more than 8000 men like John, 8000 families like T’s. You can make a powerful difference. As God leads you, please give.

You can set up easy monthly donations by going to our donate button just above on the right hand side of your screen!

GraceInside October 1, 2019