“My Grandson Is Incarcerated….”

A grandma tearfully came up to me to share after worship. She whispered in my ear, “My grandson is inside. I know about the pain you were talking about. Please don’t say anything…no one in my church knows. I pray for him every day but I don’t know what more to do.”

I have so many thoughts…

First, I hear this whisper at almost every place I preach and I preach a lot of places. You are not alone.

Second, there were three other women who whispered the EXACT same thing in my ear at your church. I repeat, you are not alone.

Third, please allow me to share that coming to prison isn’t the worst thing that could happen. As long as there is breath, there is hope! For some, prison is a new beginning. Sometimes, prison allows someone to hit rock bottom and then start to look up toward Jesus. There is an old saying that drugs and violence lead to either the prison or the morgue. If your loved one is in prison, there is a future with hope.

I can’t decide for you when and if it is safe to share. I’ve met churches that would wrap praying arms around you and carry you through this difficult time – and I’ve met churches who would turn their backs. But, I know this. GraceInside does not turn away. We are inside the prisons every single day caring for those others might shun. We see the grandsons, the brothers and fathers and we are working to help them change and disciple their hearts for Jesus.

Right now, today, we have so many grandsons serving time in Virginia… so many grandsons.  And, I hear from so many grandmothers, moms, dads, siblings who hit their knees on behalf of someone in prison, praying that their loved one will open his/her heart to the love and guidance of Jesus Christ.

I continue to beg and plead on their behalf. We have Christian chaplains, called by God, trained to respond to the needs of those in prison with guidance, love, grace, accountability and challenge. With your help, a GraceInside chaplain could be the answer to a grandma’s prayers. The chaplains need more time to serve. They WANT to be there more because they see the needs are great – and they can help. Every gift of 21 dollars adds an hour to the time a chaplain can serve inside. If it were your grandchild isn’t spiritual counsel for your grandchild worth 21 dollars? How about someone elses’ grandchild? How about the man who will cook your food, the woman who will cut your hair, the person who will rebuild your lawnmower?

Please, join me in helping the grandma’s of the world… by prayer and by deed. Help them get the care they need from a chaplain – not because they deserve it – but because none of us deserved it. Grace. Unmerited favor.  It changes lives. You can help change them, too.

You could be the miracle Grandma is praying for….

Sometimes happy endings are up to us.



GraceInside July 9, 2018