GraceInside’s FIRST Volunteer of the Week – Bruce Smith!

Introducing (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) our very first GraceInside Volunteer of the Week, the highly exceptional Bruce Smith!!!! (Cue crowd roaring – if you knew Bruce, you’d celebrate, too!) Bruce Smith has been a volunteer at River North Correctional Center in FAR Southwest Virginia – Independence – since February of 2014. By all reports, religious programming at RNCC just could not … Read more »

New for 2017: The GraceInside Volunteer of the Week!

Our GraceInside family wants to highlight some of the phenomenal people whose tremendous ministry is hidden away behind bars known only to those people who are often also hidden away.  To spotlight their work, their service and their ginormous hearts, we will celebrate what God is doing through a particular extraordinary human being each week. And yet, you’ll see that … Read more »

The Light of A Star by Lynn Litchfield

On my travels as “Hope,” I rely heavily on my GPS systems—in the car, on my phone and on the Garmin. Even so, geographically challenged folks, like me, can get quite lost. Once, I was far from home and the GPS system lost its signal. My phone had no reception and even my back up Garmin had lost the satellite. … Read more »

Be A Star: Donate and Light the way to Jesus!

Christ is the center of our Christmas—the center of our lives and the center of our organization. Jesus himself instructed followers to visit those in prison and we seek to do this on behalf of those who believe that redemption, transformation and reconciliation are indeed possible through Jesus Christ. Won’t you join Jesus on his mission this Christmas?  Far too … Read more »

Giving Tuesday – Give the Gift of Grace

Please give Grace to thousands of hurting men and women this Giving Tuesday. You can change a life forever by providing care in the midst of a lonely, dark holiday season.  You help transform a heart, they become better family members and citizens of Virginia – and of the Kingdom of God.  It is a win all the way around. … Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving from Your GraceInside Family!

We hope you are enjoying time with friends and family – healthy and safe in a place of belonging and comfort. We, at GraceInside, are grateful for YOU and the ways you help us bring comfort and belonging to those behind bars. Thank you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Love, GraceInside Read more »

A Peek Into Heaven

Every once in a while, a rare moment happens when I believe I’m getting a preview of Heaven itself.  Today, this morning, was such a moment. Graduates of Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women gathered for a weekend of handbells at Broadus Memorial Baptist Church in Charlottesville. These women played in Metanoia, the advanced handbell choir at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women, … Read more »

Bonanza was an Extravaganza!

Here is a report by the host of the Prison Ministry Bonanza – Mr. Bob Briner. We thank you, Bob, for your heart for “the least of these.” Jail/Prison/Kairos Bonanza Baylake United Methodist Church, on Saturday, 10 September, for 3 hours, hosted a jail, prison and Kairos briefings and testimonies, emmceed by jail volunteer, Bob Briner.  55 people were in … Read more »

A Mighty Hug

You know a mighty hug when you’ve gotten one – when someone hugs you like they mean it.  There are the side hugs, the pat on the back hugs, the obligatory hugs… and then there are mighty hugs.  The big ones.  Hugs like they can’t let go.  Hugs like it matters. Like a life depends on it.  That’s a mighty … Read more »

Annual Campaign Time – What’s YOUR Reason?

Volunteer and donor “Emily” shares, “Revival is happening in the prisons!  GraceInside is one of the few organizations doing the work. That’s why I support GraceInside.” Once a year, we will ask for your support in keeping GraceInside through our annual campaign. Annual campaigns seek to provide the basic operating support of an organization like ours – and are a … Read more »