Two Pastors Go Behind Bars

  Two Pastors Go Behind Bars On Wednesday, September 23rd Lutheran pastors, Aaron DeBenedetto and Leslie Scanlon went to prison.  Touring St. Brides Correctional Center, these passionate young pastors learned about the multi-generational impact of GraceInside, up close and personal, in their own hidden back yards. Hosted by GraceInside, the tour offered a peek into life on the inside for … Read more »

Look What You’ve Done!

You have done it again! Because of your help, these men have graduated from a Discipleship program. These lives are changing because of you. Thank you! Read more »

The Death Penalty? Enter the conversation

Listen to an engaging conversation about the death penalty from an interview from the Mundane Revolution. “Today on the Mundane Revolution, we talk about a subject that we’re all aware of, but that few of us have taken time to ponder – the death penalty. After a 4 year suspension by the US Supreme Court, the death penalty was reinstituted … Read more »

YOUR Impact! GraceInside’s Impact!!

THANK YOU! YOUR impact is what we are really about.  YOU are making a huge impact by saving lives from the inside out.  Through your gifts GraceInside is moving more powerfully in Virginia’s prisons than ever before.  You have moved us from five to thirteen full-time employees throughout the state!  Thank you!  With 30,000 inmates in our prisons, we still … Read more »

People of NLP: Rev. J. Randy Myers, GraceInside

Rev. J. Randy Myers, President of GraceInside, is highlighted as the person of the month by the Non-Profit Learning Point!  He shares the integration of his story and that of GraceInside! Click Here to read full story   Read more »

Video Debut: Hope

For over a year, Rev. Lynn Litchfield has been sharing a dramatic story of “Hope” throughout our Commonwealth to raise awareness of those in prison and their need for a chaplain.  Debuting on video, “Hope’s Story” is now available for you here. Read more »

The Value of a Chaplain

We know what we do at GraceInside matters.  But so rarely do YOU get a chance to hear it directly from those most impacted by the presence of our Chaplains.  In this video, you will hear and see women incarcerated at Virginia Correctional Center for Women open up about the value of a Chaplain as they see it.  Your help … Read more »

GraceInside’s Video!

We are proud of this video highlighting the very heartbeat of GraceInside.   Read more »

Debbey’s Story of Gratitude for GraceInside

Returned citizen, Debbey Adams, shares her story of gratitude for GraceInside. God uses situations to open our eyes, or, we walk away from the moment our lives could change because we do not want to face what is laying in our path. I am a product of God using GraceInside to enhance my life and open doors to becoming a … Read more »

Kairos Behind the Bars at Powhatan

Chaplain Bernie Morris reports that Kairos continues to be a powerful experience for offenders at Powhatan Correctional Center. “September 22-25, 2014 saw the completion of Kairos Walk #3 in the Powhatan Main Compound Visitation Center; we had 23 volunteers and 32 offenders finish the walk with the gifting of the cross ceremony, “Jesus Depends On You.”  During open mic on … Read more »