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Providing chaplains
for Virginia’s
state prisons

Saving Lives


Featured Chaplain

Chaplain Lisa Y. Brown

Chaplain Lisa Y. Brown is a woman who believes in family. The youngest of 8 children, born and raised in Brooklyn, she was always around … Read more »

Orange guy

Stories of Grace

A Mighty Hug

You know a mighty hug when you’ve gotten one – when someone hugs you like they mean it.  There are the side hugs, the pat … Read more »


A Love Story – An Innocent Man and a Leap of Faith – David and Linda Boyce

From our Impact Update: David Boyce served 23 years in Virginia’s prisons for a crime 42 pieces of DNA evidence proved he didn’t commit. Released in 2013, he shares a snippet of his story. Dave, most of us cannot wrap our minds (or hearts) around what you’ve been through.  How … Read more »


Resources for Families

Browse our list of resources for those who have loved ones incarcerated in the Virginia prison system. Read more »

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