Chaplain and Prison Locations Expand Map
Chaplains are specially trained clergy qualified to serve in an institutional setting such as a hospital, school, the military and prisons.

Becoming a prison chaplain rarely begins as the dream of a young child. But, the calling happens. Once inside, Jesus’ reference to “the least of these” can capture a heart and the deal is done.

As one incarcerated woman shared with the chaplain she loved, “My best thinking got me here. I’m ready to try God’s way.”

Prison chaplains are called to care for those broken hearts and, by their faithfulness, have a front row seat to GraceInside in action. Serving in this particular environment often requires additional clinical training and particular credentials. Full-time chaplaincy requires a Master of Divinity, a minimum of one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, or equivalent, ordination, and denominational endorsement.

In our Commonwealth, 30 part-time chaplains serve over 30 state prisons.