Job Title:          Chaplain

Site:                 Nottoway Correctional Center (2892 Schutt Rd., Burkeville, VA 23922)

Job Summary:  The Chaplain serves as a Christian “pastor” and also as the coordinator for all religious services and programs for inmates of all approved faiths (Christian & non-Christian) at Nottoway Correctional Center, a Level 3 (high/medium security) facility operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC). This Chaplain normally coordinates all religious programs for the adjacent Nottoway Work Center, a low security facility that is temporarily closed. The inmate population at that facility usually stands at 1,112 male felons.

Coverage/Compensation (Part-Time): 138 hours per month at $26.00/hr. = gross monthly & annual salaries of $3,588 & $43,056, respectively. No benefits are available. Note: The chaplaincy becomes full-time when the Work Center is open (35 additional hours per month, or a total of 173 hours per month). We do not know at this time if or when the VADOC might re-open this facility.

Main Job Tasks, Responsibilities, Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Preach, teach and lead worship.
  • Coordinate and oversee all religious services and programs for all faiths.
  • Provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance to inmates, inmate family members and prison staff in accordance with relevant security policies and procedures.
  • Recruit and coordinate religious volunteers.
  • Perform administrative tasks such as religious program pass lists, monthly reports, etc.
  • Respond to inmate requests regarding religious issues.
  • Interact with DOC administrators and staff in regards to religious program management.
  • Advocate for the religious and human rights of all inmates of all recognized faith groups.
  • Handle the distribution of religious literature and materials.
  • Possess skills normally associated with pastoral leadership (preaching, leading worship services, teaching, pastoral care, administrative duties, etc.).           
  • Ability to work in a prison environment – interact with inmates of all faiths, function within the prison’s chain of command, set professional boundaries with offenders, and complete all required orientation and security training.
  • Possess time management and organizational skills (report deadlines, etc.).
  • Hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited college/university (required). A Master of Divinity or equivalent degree from an accredited theological seminary is preferred, but is not mandatory.  GraceInside requires proof of education, i.e. copies of diplomas, certificates and (when feasible) transcripts.
  • Computer literacy: The applicant should be fluent in the use of standard administrative software platforms (Word, Excel, etc.) in order to handle administrative correspondence and data entry operations (essential).
  • Ordination: Fully ordained and currently in full connection and good standing with his/her denominational body, church, etc.
  • Endorsement: Where applicable, endorsed by his/her responsible denominational agency as to current good standing and confirmation of abilities to perform the duties related to chaplaincy. Endorsement is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Preferred, but not required: At least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and three to five years of pastoral ministry or other ministerial experience.


To apply for this position, please contact GraceInside at or 804.358.7650.