Staff & Board of Trustees


Rev. J. Randy Myers

Randy joined the GraceInside staff in 2006 as Vice President and Religious Advisor after spending 16 years working for the Virginia Department of Corrections. At the DOC Randy served as a Counselor, Social Worker/Substance Abuse Therapist, Counselor Supervisor and Statewide Counselor Trainer. Randy is an ordained Baptist minister. In 2012 Randy was made President of GraceInside.
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Outreach & Community Relations Manager

Rev. DeLores Carter

Lois joined GraceInside family on March 1, 2022. Lois comes with a wealth of experience in data management. She completed her Internship as a Chaplain at Cedarfield Pinnacle Living on the geriatric floor in December 2021 and on March 3rd, 2022 she was endorsed as a Chaplain by Baptist Chaplaincy Relations, Texas. Lois is an ordained minister and received her license under the leadership of Rev Dr. Herbert L Ponder, Mount Tabor Baptist Church, Richmond, VA.
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Finance Manager

Steve Law

Steve contracted with GraceInside on April 1, 2021, in the position of part-time Finance Manager. Steve brings to the table 20-30 years of experience as a Church Manager and financial specialist.

Office Administrator/Executive Assistant to the President

Lee Hargrave

Lee joined the GraceInside family on July 1, 2016, having served 35 years at Southampton and Greensville Correctional Centers. Lee clerked for various chaplains for 20 years. He credits those chaplains with keeping him current and helping him through the worst of times with divinely-inspired “Grace Inside.” With his long history of working with chaplains and his experience with prison ministry, Lee is well-acquainted with our administrative needs. He is profoundly grateful to work for GraceInside, and finds that his journey has brought him full circle on both sides of the fence.


Religious Advisor/DOC Liaison

Bernard "Bernie" Morris

Bernie works full-time at the Virginia Department of Corrections headquarters in Richmond, VA where he serves as Religious Advisor to the Department of Corrections and as a liaison between GraceInside and the department. As Religious Advisor Bernie reviews and researches offender requests for recognition of new faith groups, requests for faith objects, literature, etc. Bernie submits recommendations to the DOC’s Faith Review Committee (FRC). Bernie is a preeminent expert in the management and observances of faith groups approved to meet in prisons across Virginia and the entire nation. He ensures that the DOC and GraceInside chaplains observe the requirements of RLUIPA (Religious Land Use for Incarcerated Persons Act), a major federal statute. He also helps train new chaplains in the beliefs and practices of various faith groups and on DOC policies and procedures.                                                                                                                                804.243.5321 Cell


The GraceInside Board of Trustees is made up of representatives from our denominational partners and community members at large. 
Board Members are elected to one three-year term and may serve two successive terms.

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Board of Trustees