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Chaplains are specially trained and qualified  clergy ministering in an institutional setting sch as a hospital, school or prison often requiring additional clinical training and credentials. Our full-time chaplaincy requirements arre an Masters of Divinity degree from an ATS accredited seminary, ordination, endorsement and clinical/pastoral experience.

GraceInside provides 30 chaplains to nearly 30,00 incarcerated men and women. Most chaplains are part-time at the facility to which they are assigned.

Founded in 1920 by Christian denominations, we continue to receive 51% of our budget from denominational organizations, churches, foundations and individuals. The remainder of our budget is provided through inmate commissary funds through a contract with the Virginia Department of Corrections. 

Our goal is to increase staffed hours at each facility until we provide full-time chaplains in every Virginia state correctional facility with more than 500 inmates.