Prayer Wall

“Heavenly Father, we come humbly before You with thanksgiving in our hearts, praying that You will bless each person on this prayer list, that You will comfort them and that You will touch them with your healing power.  Amen.” – Rev. Lois Carter

Chaplain Paul Ritter (Keen Mountain Corr. Ctr.) – granddaughter. 

Chaplain Toni Mayes (St. Brides Corr. Ctr.) – father. 

Chaplain Oscar Grant (Lawrenceville Corr. Ctr.) – wife (Gloria).

Chaplain Vera Rhyne (State Farm Corr. Complex) – returned to work! 

Inmates and their families.

DOC staff members and their families.

Chaplains and their families.

GraceInside Central Office staff and their families.

All of our faithful, generous Donors/Supporters and their families.

All of the dedicated, faithful Religious Volunteers and their families. 

Kairos Teams (members and their families).

GraceInside Board of Trustees Members and their families.

Praise: Gary Hendricks’ safe journey to and from Texas to serve as a keynote speaker for International Kairos Conference. [Also Religious Advisor Bernie Morris and Board Member Lindell Tinsley.]

Praise: Rev. Garry Sims’ (Hope Aglow) successful surgery (8/15/22).

Flood victims/survivors in Kentucky, West Virginia, Southwest Virginia.

The people of Ukraine.

Pray that COVID-19 will be eradicated in our prisons, our country and our world.

Updated September 2, 2022