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Providing chaplains
for Virginia’s
state prisons

Saving Lives

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Featured Chaplain

Darrell Hunley

Darrell enjoys spreading the Word, reaching out to help the hurting and sharing Bible answers to life’s problems. Nothing brings him greater joy than seeing … Read more »


Stories of Grace

GraceInside’s Video!

We are proud of this video highlighting the very heartbeat of GraceInside.   Read more »


Chaplaincy Job Opening

ANNOUNCEMENT:  GraceInside (Virginia’s Prison Chaplain Service) is currently seeking interested and qualified candidates for a Chaplain position at Greensville Correctional Center (GRCC) – S-2 Cluster.  GRCC is located in Jarratt in southern Virginia (near Emporia).  GRCC is the largest state prison in Virginia, encompassing three prisons (or “clusters”) in one … Read more »


Resources for Families

Browse our list of resources for those who have loved ones incarcerated in the Virginia prison system. Read more »

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