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Providing chaplains
for Virginia’s
state prisons

Saving Lives

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Featured Chaplain

Chaplain Michael Vosburg

For 33 years Mike Vosburg had a successful career as an Executive Chef, after which he founded and ran his own successful business for a … Read more »


Stories of Grace

Look What You’ve Done!

You have done it again! Because of your help, these men have graduated from a Discipleship program. These lives are changing because of you. Thank … Read more »


Our Thoughts

Good people exist.  They exist everywhere.  In prison cells and in prison administration.  Ohio Director of Rehabilitation and and Correction, Gary Mohr, is one of them.  “The crimes that earned the men here their punishment violated America’s standards of decency. But those standards, Mohr believes, require us to help these … Read more »


Resources for Families

Browse our list of resources for those who have loved ones incarcerated in the Virginia prison system. Read more »

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