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Providing chaplains
for Virginia’s
state prisons

Saving Lives


Featured Chaplain

Chaplain Vera Rhyne

The Rev. Dr. Vera Rhyne has long served with GraceInside at James River Work Center where she established a Dress for Success program through which … Read more »


Stories of Grace

Godspeed to Chaplain Donald Stine

After 24 years of dedicated and loyal service to GraceInside and to the men incarcerated in Virginia, we wish Chaplain Donald Stine a very happy … Read more »


A Love Story – An Innocent Man and a Leap of Faith – David and Linda Boyce

From our Impact Update: David Boyce served 23 years in Virginia’s prisons for a crime 42 pieces of DNA evidence proved he didn’t commit. Released in 2013, he shares a snippet of his story. Dave, most of us cannot wrap our minds (or hearts) around what you’ve been through.  How … Read more »


Resources for Families

Browse our list of resources for those who have loved ones incarcerated in the Virginia prison system. Read more »

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