THANK YOU from GraceInside

Greetings Dear Friends, On behalf of our entire GraceInside Family, we just want to say: As our Easter Campaign comes to a close, we want each of you to know how very grateful we are for your generous and sacrificial gifts!  We didn’t quite get to our goal of $25,000, but that’s okay.  We realize […]

Not a Movie or a TV Show: Chaplaincy at Virginia’s Largest State Women’s Prison

Let’s face it. Movies and TV shows about women in prison have become a popular genre and actually a cultural phenomenon in America. Much of this “entertainment” centers around salacious and unseemly (and highly sexualized) content. The female inmates portrayed tend to be stereotypes and caricatures, usually NOT the women one would encounter in an […]

It’s the Little Things That Mean a Lot: Retired Prison Chaplain Returns for New & Challenging Ministry

Did you know that Virginia’s state correctional facility come in ALL SIZES??? Well, it’s true. There are HUGE facilities that are “packed to the gills” with incarcerated men or women. There is the “super-sized” (three-prisons-in-one complex) Greensville Correctional Center that houses nearly 3,000 inmates at a time! Large prisons like Augusta Correctional Center and Nottoway […]

Rebirth: A Living Hope Easter Offering

Dear GraceInside Family & Friends, Happy Easter!!! Uh, wait a minute…. HAPPY??? You are likely thinking, “Have you watched the news or read a paper lately?” You have a point. Our world is not a very “happy” place right now. In fact, things seem to be quite the opposite. We are living in troubled times. Consider: The COVID-19 […]