All Aboard: New Chaplains Attend Training and Orientation in April 2022

On April 5, 2022, we were able to hold our first “New Chaplain Training/Orientation Day” (live and in person!) since prior to the pandemic.  Needless to say, we had quite a backlog of new Chaplains that had been waiting to go through this important training.  This training was led by our very own Bernie Morris, our Religious Advisor/DOC Liaison. Bernie covered the essential DOC policies and procedures relating to faith-based/religious program and chaplaincy, went over the DOC’s “Virtual Library”, and managing and coordinating the many faith groups (and their holy days and seasons). He shared some of the important “do’s and don’ts” of working with inmates. There was also training on the important documentation that every Chaplain must do.

Please welcome these “new” GraceInside Chaplains:

  • Chaplain Dawson Bailey (Deerfield Corr. Ctr.)
  • Chaplain Linda Fox (VCCW)
  • Chaplain Stephen Layne (Buckingham Corr. Ctr.)
  • Chaplain Oscar Grant (Lawrenceville Corr. Ctr.)
  • Chaplain Toni Mayes (St. Brides Corr. Ctr.)
  • Chaplain Henry Tysor (Greensville Corr. Ctr. S-3)
  • Chaplain Jason Wagner (Augusta Corr. Ctr.)

Also we welcome back these two “returnees”:

  • Chaplain Ashton Brock (Caroline Correctional Unit)
  • Chaplain Lynn Robinson (Deerfield Men Work Centers)

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