GraceInside at the Annual Conference of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

GraceInside was privileged to attend and display at the Annual Conference of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, held November 17-19, 2022 in Arlington, VA.  Rev. Lois Carter (Outreach & Community Relations Manager) headed up our staff delegation at this event, accompanied by Mr. Lee Hargrave (Office Manager & Executive Assistant).  President Rev. J. Randy Myers was unable to attend this event due to ongoing family health concerns that he needed to attend to.  Lois and Lee did an awesome job with our display table/booth, and they also jumped in there and talked with some very important individuals for this Diocese. 

First, they had the opportunity to meet up and talk with Ted Smith (the Treasurer of the Diocese), and then they got to meet the new Bishop-Elect E. Mark Stevenson, elected as the 14th Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia! GraceInside wishes a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Bishop E. Mark Stevenson as he begins his new calling and role as Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia. 

Also, we want to convey a huge THANKS to Treasurer Ted Smith for assisting us with both the grant application and the increase in our funds (as well as for writing and sending in those support checks from the Diocese!).

We also want to thank two other important individuals that are tireless advocates for GraceInside at the Diocese’s Annual Conference each year:  First, many thanks to Deacon Christine Garcia, our current GraceInside Board Member that represents the Diocese, who demonstrates unfailing passion and boldness in her advocacy for our ministry every single year.  Thanks so much Christine! 

Also, we want to say thank you to Rev. Bill Burk, a former GraceInside Board Member and Board Chair, who continues in his tireless advocacy for our ministry.  Year after year he keeps GraceInside in front of the Diocese of Virginia and pushes for continued partnership and support.  Thanks SO much, Bill!

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