“Arms Open Wide”

An Easter Poem by Merissa Lee Kelley

His arms were stretched to nail to the cross
But they would have reached out in grace
For God so loved the world He gave
His only Son to take our place.

A rescue mission was fashioned
Beyond the scope of man
Beyond the realm of finite time
God had formed redemption’s plan.

The wide open arms of Jesus showed
A display of will so strong
The nails could not have held Him there
It truly was love all along.

His blood was shed to redeem us back
No other sacrifice would do
Once and for all…our debt was paid
As He bought freedom for me and you.

The tomb is empty…for He has risen
And He waits with arms open wide
For the cry of a heart that calls His name
And asks Him to come live inside.

The cross may have held His arms for a moment
But it was love that turned the tide
Now we can rejoice and seek His presence
As He meets us with arms open wide.

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