“The Amazing Praise” 48-hour giving celebration begins September 20

The Amazing Praise is getting ready to launch this year’s 48-hour giving celebration (online from September 20th through September 22nd from 12 noon to 12 noon).  This year’s lineup of participating faith-based Richmond area non-profit organizations will be:  Assisting Families of Inmates, Belmont Community Resources Service, Bethany Project, Boaz & Ruth, Christian Counseling & Training […]

Thoughts from the President: August 2022

Have you ever heard of a husband-and-wife prison chaplaincy team?  Did you know that such a thing even existed?  Well, it does, and I am an eyewitness of one such team that I was blessed to know. Robby and Karen Burke lived in Harrisonburg, VA.  They were both ordained ministers – affiliated with both the […]

Thoughts from the President: July 2022

It must have been at least 25 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was a young Substance Abuse Therapist serving on a special “Therapeutic Community” (TC) recovery unit at the Virginia Correctional Center for Women (VCCW – Goochland – then Virginia’s only state women’s prison).  I was an ordained Christian […]


Donate to GraceInside’s “Summer of Passion” campaign – July 1-September 5 – to help us raise $50,000 and provide second chances to “the least of these!” Have you ever made a bad decision or a poor choice? And have you ever been given a SECOND CHANCE – the chance to make things right and to […]

GraceInside Staff Changes & Updates as of Spring 2022

GraceInside has had quite a few Chaplain changes in recent times (especially over this past year). Chaplain Curtis Wall has retired as Chaplain at Lunenburg Corr. Ctr. and Baskerville Corr. Ctr. We thank him for his faithful service and wish him every good blessing!  Baskerville has been filled (see below), and we are in the […]

All Aboard: New Chaplains Attend Training and Orientation in April 2022

On April 5, 2022, we were able to hold our first “New Chaplain Training/Orientation Day” (live and in person!) since prior to the pandemic.  Needless to say, we had quite a backlog of new Chaplains that had been waiting to go through this important training.  This training was led by our very own Bernie Morris, […]

Group from GraceInside Attends CMCA Annual Summit in New Orleans

A group of eight GraceInside Chaplains and Staff Members were blessed and privileged to attend the 10th Annual Summit of the CMCA (Correctional Ministries & Chaplains Association) in New Orleans, LA, on May 27-28, 2022.  The event was held at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (and was the first “live” summit CMCA has had […]

Spring 2022 Spiritual Care Training

On April 24-27, 2022, Baptist Chaplaincy Relations (BCR – a partnership between Texas Baptists and Virginia Baptists) offered a special training for various types of Chaplains (including a Correctional Chaplaincy Training Track).   The following GraceInside Chaplains and Staff were able to participate: Dawson Bailey Janice Broadie Ashton Brock Clifton Cauthorne Oscar Grant Patrick Jones […]

GraceInside Welcomes Two New Central Staff Members

On March 1, 2022, GraceInside welcomed two new employees to our Central Staff: Rev. Lois Carter, Outreach & Community Relations Manager; and Mrs. Meghan Wilson, Digital Content Specialist. Rev. Lois Carter holds a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree, is an Ordained Baptist Minister, is an Endorsed Chaplain (through Baptist Chaplaincy Relations), and has her own […]