Group from GraceInside Attends CMCA Annual Summit in New Orleans

A group of eight GraceInside Chaplains and Staff Members were blessed and privileged to attend the 10th Annual Summit of the CMCA (Correctional Ministries & Chaplains Association) in New Orleans, LA, on May 27-28, 2022.  The event was held at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (and was the first “live” summit CMCA has had since prior to the pandemic).  The Summit and CMCA itself is out of the Correctional Ministries Institute at The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL.  Sponsors of the summit included Prison Fellowship, Kairos, and Good News Jail & Prison Ministry (among others).  There were Chaplains and ministry representatives from state and local correctional systems/facilities all over the United States, as well as from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  There was also an excellent opportunity to network with leaders and representatives of many leading prison ministries and organizations.

The Summit included three large plenary sessions with special presenters and special music.  It also included three workshop blocks with many excellent and practical topics and knowledgeable and experienced presenters.  Also there were wonderful times to meet new people and to fellowship and learn about other state correctional systems and about various ministries.  Our GraceInside attendees thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience (not to mention the wonderful FOOD in New Orleans).  What a BLESSING!!!

The GraceInside attendees were:

Rev. J. Randy Myers, President

Chaplain Randy McDaniel, Western Region Supervising Chaplain/River North Corr. Ctr.

Chaplain Claudette Rodney, Central Region Supervising Chaplain/Beaumont Corr. Ctr.

Chaplain William Moore III, Eastern Region Supervising Chaplain/Sussex II State Prison

Chaplain Donna Smith, Greensville Corr. Ctr. (S2)

Chaplain Nick Meyer, Coffeewood Corr. Center

Chaplain Lisa Brown, Haynesville Corr. Ctr./Haynesville Corr. Unit

Chaplain Jason Wagner, Augusta Corr. Center

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