Spring 2022 Spiritual Care Training

On April 24-27, 2022, Baptist Chaplaincy Relations (BCR – a partnership between Texas Baptists and Virginia Baptists) offered a special training for various types of Chaplains (including a Correctional Chaplaincy Training Track).  

The following GraceInside Chaplains and Staff were able to participate:

  • Dawson Bailey
  • Janice Broadie
  • Ashton Brock
  • Clifton Cauthorne
  • Oscar Grant
  • Patrick Jones
  • Toni Mayes
  • William Moore
  • Jerusha Moses
  • Claudette Rodney
  • Randy Myers (GraceInside Staff)
  • Lois Carter (GraceInside Staff)

The event started off with a Worship/Welcome Service on Sunday evening.  The guest speaker was Rev. Jim Somerville (Sr. Pastor of First Baptist, Richmond).   Dr. Roy Cotton (a fixture at the BGAV for many years but now serving with Texas Baptists) played the piano and sang some special music, as well as led in congregational singing. What a powerful worship service!

For the next 2 ½  days, participants enjoyed four excellent blocks of training, as well as breakout groups and other activities.  Chaplain Don Lacy (Associate Endorser for Pastoral Care & Support – BCR-Texas) trained on correctional policies and correctional administrators’ expectations of Chaplains.  Chaplain Vance Drum (Texas) did several sessions, including one that included Chaplain Jerusha Moses and Chaplain William Moore in a panel discussion on the importance of having volunteers help with religious programs (mentioning local churches and statewide groups like Kairos).

Mr. Bobby Smith, President of BCR, spoke about the importance of chaplaincy endorsement, and also about the fact that every Chaplain needs support and a mentor. And our very own President, Rev. Randy Myers did a training session on the importance of Chaplains ministering to correctional staff and administrators.

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