Prison Baptisms are Back!

It has been over two years since COVID-19 hit the world. The death toll was in the hundreds of thousands in the U.S. and in the millions worldwide. There were so many unknowns when this hit, and none of us was sure what to do at the time. Everything seemed to come to a standstill.  Businesses and schools were impacted.  And PRISONS were severely impacted.  Sadly there were many cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths among DOC inmates and staff.  There was a long lockdown in which there could be no visitation, no classes, no programs, no worship services, etc. and in which even our Chaplains had to telework.  COVID-19 variants continue to break out in our state prisons, so it’s still “on again, off again” as far as religious programs, services and volunteers.

But now at last there seem to be glimmer of light and hope and of some things going back to normal.  Chaplain Daniel Theiben (who serves in a special capacity as the Chaplain for the Restorative Housing Units at Red Onion and Wallens Ridge State Prisons) recently had the privilege to do his first prison baptism in two years. 

Chaplain Theiben shares: 

” It was a blessing to perform my first baptism at ROSP during one of our General Population services!  I first spoke with B.D. when he was in a Building A service.  Since Building A service is smaller than the Building B service, I was able to spend individual time with him, making sure that he understood what it meant to be a Christian.  Even though he moved to Building B, Chaplain Cauthorne and I thought it appropriate for me to conduct the ceremony.  Please pray for B.D. as he seeks to live in a way that demonstrates that he has risen with Christ.”

Congratulations to you, Brother B.D., on your baptism – and prayers for your growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus!

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