Road Trip: A Former Inmate and Two Prison Chaplains

Imagine being incarcerated for over 30 years. You served your time, but your church may not see it that way. That’s what happened to Lee. His church pushed him away, but Lee has friends that only see his “New Creation” heart, rather than judging him by his past. (“Are you my neighbor?”)  Yes, Lee is a former inmate (now working at GraceInside’s Central Office).  Yet two of GraceInside’s phenomenal Chaplains made Lee feel as if he was a part of a family.  He had not been on a “vacation” in years and years.  But these two Chaplains decided to invite him to go with them on A ROAD TRIP!

Lee took his first trip ever to Philadelphia with two GraceInside Chaplains: Chaplain Lisa Brown and Chaplain Claudette Rodney.  As Lee shares the story, the temperature was so hot that most of the sightseeing was done in the car. The extreme heat made it so exhausting that when they did walk their clothing would get so wet that all they could do was go back to rest in the hotel. But Lee said it was a real blessing to get to see the city of Philadelphia.

Lee said that the last time he went on a vacation was with his family as a youth, so this trip was well worth it! Lee has an eye for photography, and he loves to take pictures around the city. He loves old buildings, and architectural beauty was all around him in the big city of Philly. Lee even had the opportunity to ride on the Spirit of Philadelphia (a large, fancy boat on the Delaware River) with Chaplain Rodney’s church/denominational family.  And of course Lee made lots of NEW friends on the boat trip!  Lee says he felt right at home with this group of Christian believers. (“Are you my neighbor???”)

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